Tabla offers DIY Sunday Supper Kits, seasonal menu items

Optional bottle of wine can be added to take-home DIY kits

Tabla will be adding a DIY Sunday Supper dinner kit with some seasonal items. The DIY kits, which have been quite popular and include complete preparation instructions, include five different items and sell for $60. The Petworth restaurant in Washington, DC will also introduce seasonal offerings on the menu, including a vegetarian Mushroom Khinkali.

The DIY Sunday Supper dinner kits come with the following:

  • Beet Pkhali – a veggie påté made with salt-roasted Path Valley Farm beets, ground walnuts, fresh herbs, and Georgian spices
  • Butternut Squash Satsivi – roasted butternut squash salad with walnut sauce, Georgian spices, Georgian “saffron” (dried marigold petals), and fresh herbs
  • Khachapuri – two (2) DIY Ajaruli Kits that include dough, cheese blend, and egg.
  • Khinkali – six (6) frozen khinkali (Georgian soup dumplings) of your choice: pork & beef, lamb & tarragon, or mushroom & fresh herbs.
  • Walnut Truffles – three (3) house-made truffles with rich dark chocolate rolled in crumbled walnuts

Guests seeking to add a bottle of wine to the order, can do so for $30. Orders placed by Sunday of each week are queued for pickup between Thursday and Sunday of the following week. During Thanksgiving week, orders placed by Sunday, November 21, will be available for pickup on Wednesday, November 24.

In addition to the DIY kits, Tabla has made a few seasonal adjustments. Timely for fall, a new Green Imeruli, imeruli-style khachapuri (meaning from the region of Imereti) made with a beet top, chard, and cheese filling. Interestingly, for the Green Imeruli, beet tops from Tuscarora Farms, as a testament to the kitchen’s commitment to reducing food waste, are repurposed. The beetroot will be used for the (also) new Beef Pkhali, a seasonal vegetable pâté served on a khachapuri dough flatbread.

A new Mushroom Khinkali arrived for fall, as well, much to delight of those seeking vegetarian options. This savory khinkali is stuffed with chef’s selection of seasonal mushrooms and herbs. Customers can order recently-added seasonal items for dine-in, takeout or for delivery.


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