Potomac Distilling Company adds Relaxed Rum to collection in August

New, aged rum becomes sixth rum in Thrasher’s Rum line

Todd Thrasher, founder and owner of Potomac Distilling Company and former scuba dive master, will release a new rum in August. Relaxed Rum is the sixth rum in the collection. The rum is aged in barrels for 24 months as part of a process Thrasher prefers to describe as a “relation period.”

The aging process for the new rum, aged in New American White Oak barrels, gives Relaxed Rum a natural amber color. The flavor, Potomac says, is similar to bourbon, with a vanilla and tobacco essence with smoky notes.

Guyana, once an English territory in the Caribbean, is home to Thrasher’s favorite rum brand, and that stle is reflected in Potomac Distilling’s rum. He visited Guyana several times while researching and preparing for the opening of his distillery.

Thrasher’s Rum, having the benefit of extensive research and education, The Rich, oaky, molasses-based collection is available in six signature styles: Green Spiced, White, Gold, Spiced, Coconut, and the upcoming Relaxed Rum.

“Thrasher’s collection brings a distinct English Caribbean-style of rum to America, a country that has primarily relied on rum to be imported from other countries,’ said Potomac Distilling in an announcement.

Potomac Distilling Company shares space with Tiki TNT, which was selected as one of the “Best Bars in America 2021” by Esquire Magazine.


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