More about Hei Hei Tiger opening at Tysons Galleria

Tiger Fork sister restaurant set to open in Urbanspace Food Hall

We’re learning more about He Hei Tiger, opening in the Tysons Galleria Mall Urbanspace Food Hall. The concept will adopt the Cantonese-style cuisine of sister Tiger Fork. Blagden Group Hospitality, its parent, says there will be Chinese BBQ, Hong Kong-style Noodle Bowls and Milk Tea. The group’s publicist also confirmed Hei Hei Tiger will run as a fine-fast casual restaurant in an emailed announcement.

Updated: Hei Hei Tiger now open at Urbanspace, Tysons Galleria

As we noted earlier this week, Will Fung will run the restaurant. His 20 years of restaurant industry experience will add a depth and fluidity to the operations. He’s a former general manager at Ted’s Bulletin and Matchbox. Fung also served as a sushi chef at Sushiko and founded the Dirty South Deli food truck. Blagden Group’s operations director also trained in Japan at Michelin-starred restaurants as part of work program.

Hei Hei Tiger, which means Happy Happy Tiger in Chinese, opens in the next few weeks. Guests can customize their bowls, picking from a selection of roasted meats, ranging from char siu, soya chicken, smoked tofu, beef brisket, roast duck, and crispy pork belly. These proteins are served atop a choice of rice, noodle soup, atop congee, or vegetables. Hei He’s sides and starters also look to be excellent choices: .XO wontons, drunken chicken and braised kao fu.

Hei Hei Tiger, Tysons Galleria Mall Urbanspace Food Hall, 2001 International Drive, McLean, Va. 22102

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