Swizzle Chill TV to turn one in February

Swizzle Chill TV turns one year this month. Washington, D.C.’s highly-curated web-broadcast channel for foodies and restaurateurs in the nation’s capital continues its streak with Season 2 this spring. Part of the Swizzle Chill Channel, Swizzle Chill TV will also make it possible for future restaurateurs to access accounting and business education through a low-cost school starting up in April. All of this is made possible by the support of top restaurateurs and influencers in D.C.

Swizzle Chill is also part of the Eatery Pulse Network, which distributes premium trade magazines to restaurateurs across the country and runs a restaurant consultancy.

“We’re happy to fulfill our goal of reaching one in three restaurants in D.C. proper by the end of 2019, as well as continuing to democratize premium and highly-curated restaurant news content within the capital, including an expanding library of foodie-centric stories,” says Rick Zambrano, Swizzle Chill Channel editor and Swizzle Chill TV producer. “With some of our content going to print this year and a new District digital magazine launching, we’re well positioned to continue celebrating restaurants in a very unique way. It’s something that everyone in the DMV can get behind.”

Also, Eatery Pulse Media. Swizzle Chill’s publisher, turned three this month. To read more about the three-year anniversary of Swizzle Chill’s publisher and Eatery Pulse goings-on, read the national press release: https://eaterypulse.com/2019/02/06/eatery-pulse-media-celebrates-three-year-anniversary-in-nations-capital/

To access Swizzle Chlll TV content on YouTube, navigate to show.swizzlechill.com.

Photo credit: Eatery Pulse Media

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